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  • Smart Sanitization Solution
  • Smart Sanitization Solution
  • Smart Sanitization Solution
  • Smart Sanitization Solution
  • Smart Sanitization Solution


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Date : 18 July 2020
Condition : New
Warranty : Yes
Location : 1 Sibelius Street, S.W. 5 Vanderbijlpark, 1911

Sanitizing will remain an important part of daily lives post the Covid-19 pandemic. Many consumers and businesses will continually seek automated solutions not only for hands but also surfaces.

A non-contact smart disinfectant Sanitizer. Whilst Our Infrared Sanitizer is mainly used for spraying disinfectant, it can also be used as an Air Diffuser. 

All devices carry a 12-month swop-out warranty with Hisense South Africa.


Protect the hygiene integrity of your home for you and your family.

Install in your Garage to Disinfect your Keys, Phone, Bags, Shoes and Hands.

School going children can disinfect their books, bags, pencil cases before bringing it into the home environment.

Install at any & all entrances of your home for sanitization ease.

Quicker and easier than wiping down with cloth and disinfectant dilute –Time Saving, Convenient and Effective for the whole family after a day out.


Office Space is a shared space. Protect your personal office space with this Touchless Device and all Communal Office Spaces to keep yourself, staff, co-workers and clients safe and protected. Quick and Easy Sanitization Solution for the Reception, Boardroom, Restroom, Cafeteria, Printing Area and all Shared Office Spaces.


These Devices are brilliant for vehicles –Nifty, Easy to install, Easy to Use for peace of mind where you can disinfect on the go, all the time, wherever you are.

Perfect for Personal Use, Lift Clubs, Delivery Persons, Ubers.


Keep your cash counters disinfected for you and your patrons. Ideal for EFTPOSand after money handling for both you and customer.


Canteens or restaurants are crowded and dense, and masks are removed when eating. This Smart Technology is precisely what your business needs at the main contact points in your establishment.

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