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Terms and Conditions

1. Acceptance of the general conditions of service provision by the user.

The Terms and Conditions stipulate the terms in which the service of Africa54, Lda. (Hereinafter referred to as “Africa2b”) is provided and regulate the use of the individuals or entities registered in said service.

The use of the Africa2b service requires the full acceptance of these conditions, so any user who does not give his or her consent or does not undertake to regulate according to these terms will not be able to benefit from said service.

The interpretation of these Terms and Conditions is exclusive of Africa2b, which reserves the right to modify them at any time and without the need for prior notice.

2. The Service

Africa2b is an online service that provides users with an electronic web page with the purpose of promoting the disclosure of intentions to sell or contract products, services or interpersonal communication through a classified system.

Registration on Africa2b and placing classified ads are paid.

Africa2b does not have the ability to access or control the articles or conditions of services communicated in the advertisements nor does it engage in or participate in the actual transaction between buyer / contractor and seller / supplier.

Therefore, the Africa2b does not guarantee the quality, safety or legality of the goods or services advertised, the truth or accuracy of these, the ability of vendors and suppliers to sell items or services, buyers’ ability to purchase products or contractors hire services, nor can it guarantee that both parties complete the transaction.
Africa2b is not responsible for the content of the ads, hyperlinks or sources mentioned in the description of an advertisement.

3. General Conditions of Use

It is allowed to place an ad related to a particular item, property or vehicle. The same ad cannot be the subject of more than a subject to be announced.

Ads that contain word manipulation or that are attributed to inappropriate categories may, according to these terms of conditions, be targets for measures that include their definitive removal.

Africa2b may at any time remove or edit the descriptions posted by users in a particular ad, without having to indicate its reason.

If the user violates any of the conditions set out in the terms and conditions, Africa2b reserves the right to prevent the use the service (ex: prevent you from logging in, to place or responding to ads).

Africa2b strives to operate properly without fail but reserves the right to temporarily suspend its operations for technical reasons or causes beyond the control of Africa2b.

By violating in any particular ad, the rules in force in Africa2b, the user assumes all liability resulting in damages to any entity, individual or collective, and Africa2b is exempt from any liability resulting from the behavior of advertisers or items and services advertised by them for sale as described in their advertisements.

Africa2b not responsible for any damage occurring in the sequence of a transaction, or inappropriate behavior of one of the parties to the transaction.

4. Access to the service

Since Africa2b has no uniform content, it is not possible to restrict access to the service only on the basis of a majority criterion.

The legality of access to the service is dependent on the fact that no contracts of any kind, whether or not onerous, are concluded under the responsibility of Africa2b, so that access to the service is allowed to registered users, regardless of the possession of full legal capacity, by part of these. Africa2b is not responsible for any eventuality resulting from the lack of legal capacity of the users.

Each user can only make one registration, the Africa2b may cancel any subsequent registration performed by the same individual.

The records in Africa2b are personal and non-transferable, and the holder of the record is solely responsible for it.

5. Content and Ads

Africa2b may, at any time, verify or approve the ads placed on the email address by the users: they are placed online manually.

Ads embedded in the Africa2b system, however, must meet the following basic requirements at the advertiser’s responsibility:

a) Be placed in the category most indicated to the product, service or offer;

b) The ads placed in Africa2b, should only be referring to the Offer and / or Sale, not accepting ads of Search;

c) Advertised articles and services may not be burdened by third party rights; must be available immediately (thus, it is not allowed to sell articles that are not in the direct possession of the advertiser, and also reserves of animals for future delivery are not accepted);

d) It is not allowed to announce any article that appears in the following List of Items of Sale or Prohibited Contracting:

(i) Firearms and ammunition;

(ii) Illegal copies – copies, duplicates or “back-up” copies of computer programs or audiovisual articles, including memory cards or other storage devices which offer or include, as part of the business, such copies;

(iii) Drugs, narcotics and tobacco;

(iv) Equipment for the unblocking or display of encoded video signals – under Portuguese law currently in force (in particular through Decree-Law 176/2007 of 8 May), it is illegal to “acquire, use, own or hold title “of devices that allow unrestricted access to conditioned services, ie, coded services that require a payment for their viewing, such as for example the coded TV channels.

(v) Fireworks and derivatives;

(vi) Alcoholic beverages;

(vii) Medications or medical / pharmaceutical tests;

(viii) Pyramid schemes / multilevel (Ponzi Schemes);

(ix) Animals;

(x) Marketing of any type of meats;

(xi) Modchips / Jailbreak;

(xii) Affiliate programs / rewards or commissions and / or business partnerships;

(xiii) Non-explicit offers to make money / monetize time / work from home;

(xiv) Human organs;

(xv) Replicas and counterfeits;

(xvi) Craft manifestations (for example necklaces) without proper registration (National Crafts Registry);

(xvii) Job offers;

(xviii) Serviços de Tarot, Horóscopo e/ou Videntes;

(xix) Digital goods (eg Gaming accounts / online services, software without physical support, software registrations / licenses, e-books, vouchers in electronic form);

(xx) Coupons, vouchers and cards of any kind;

(xxi) Timeshare offers;

(xxii) Equipment for games of chance as described in the applicable legislation;

Notwithstanding the provisions above, are not allowed to announce content that violates legal rules, social welfare, rights of third parties or which contains particularly:

i) Vulgar or offensive content;

ii) Content that violates the rules of social etiquette;

iii) Content that promotes hatred and violence, racism, xenophobia or conflicts between nations;

iv) False or dubious information;

v) Viruses or any other technology that could harm other users or even Africa2b as a service;

vi) Advertising services which are or are not competitive with Africa2b;

vii) Explicit content for adults and / or adults over 18;

viii) Generic, catalog and / or edited photographs which are not representative of the good actually being sold;

ix) Ads that do not use Portuguese or English language;

x) Placement of tags, keywords or other terms in the title, description or images of the advertisement that have no relation with the article / service being advertised;

The advertiser is responsible for complying with these requirements, and Africa2b may cancel or delete without notice and at any time advertisements that do not comply with the above standards.

The advertisers authorize Africa2b to freely use the content corresponding to the ads for the purchase and sale of goods and contracting or providing services (for example, in advertising promotions).

6. User Obligations

By accepting the present conditions of service, the user is obliged to:

a) Provide and maintain authentic, complete and updated personal data;

b) To keep confidential the access data to its registry in Africa2b and to use only the registry of which it holds, assuming full responsibility for the actions carried out with that same registry, even if by third parties, with or without its authorization;

c) To adopt behaviors that do not infringe the current legal order or that in some way damage legally protected positions;

d) Not submit offers for the purchase or sale of articles, or contracting or providing services, or communication of illicit products or services or violent, provocative, offensive, racist or susceptible of violating the privacy or rights of third parties;

e) To fulfill all obligations arising from the purchase and sale of articles and provision and contracting of services communicated through its announcements in Africa2b;

f) As an advertiser, assume full and exclusive responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisement data and its suitability for the content of the advertisement, as well as liability for the legality of the advertised article or service.

7. Notifications

Users agree to receive newsletters from Africa2b as well as notifications related to Africa2b, including any changes to these Terms of Service, to the mailbox associated with your registration.

8. Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy can be found at the following link: Privacy Policy.

9. Links

Africa2b contains links to other sites and Africa2b is not responsible for the privacy or content policies of those sites.

10. Terms of placement of paid featured highlights

The placement of ads with paid featured highlights is dependent on prepayment, under the terms defined in our Prices, which is an integral part of these General Conditions of Use. Linking individual highlights does not change the normal duration of ads (which may vary in time, depending on availability). The duration of the featured highlights depends on the chosen duration, which can range from 1 (one) to 4 (four) weeks;

At the end of the period referred to in Point 1, the User may renew the advertisement for an equal period, making the prepayment under the terms defined and if there is availability;

The ads must comply with the conditions indicated in the “Content and Ads” section of the Terms and Conditions of Service;

Any ad which does not comply with the conditions required or in any way prejudices the normal operation of the Service Provider’s electronic address may be withdrawn, canceled or deleted;

The User may, at any time, edit active ads through the area of the “My Account” being prevented from changing the category of the advertisement;
The User may at any time request the withdrawal of active advertisements without any right to reimbursement of the amount paid for the placement of the advertisement in the electronic address of the Service Provider;

For security reasons, the Service Provider may postpone the listing of advertisements (new or later edited by the User), User contacts and annotations or images of the ads and, if they do not meet the required conditions, the advertisements may be deactivated or eliminated without prior notice;

Amounts paid for optional highlights, ads and Packages are not returned or refunded in any case, including in case of termination of use of the service

By placing the ad in the electronic address of the Service Provider, the User grants to the first all rights to texts and images used in the advertisement and authorizes the user to use the texts and images of the ads for promotional or advertising purposes;

Africa2b reserves the right to remove images, used in ads on the Front Page;

The First Page spotlight ensures rotating exposure on the Africa2b homepage (provided you have an ad-related image).

Editing ads is not permitted, while they are with the Highlight (Featured) active in the First Page.

11. Statistical log files

The IP addresses of all connections made to Africa2b are registered. This information will be used to perform aggregate statistical analyzes.

The information will be analyzed in an aggregated and anonymous way. The data used for this purpose do not contain personal identification data or private information.

Analyzes made from aggregate statistical information will be performed to interpret e-mail usage patterns and continuously improve service levels and user satisfaction. The aggregate statistical information resulting from the analyzes may be disclosed to third parties or publicly.

12. Changing the privacy practices

If Africa2b changes its privacy practices, they will always be available through the Privacy Policy link.

For further clarification on the privacy policy, please contact Africa2b via the indicated email addresses.

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